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20. A lonely literature student. Muslim girl. Not a terrorist. Mostly posts fandom stuff. #Ravenclaw #Superwholock. #Arrow. #ATLA. #Legend of Korra. #Hannibal. #TVD. #Harry Potter. One day #LOTR. #HIMYM. #The Originals. #Elementary. #The Avengers. #Tom Hiddleston. #Benedict Cumberbatch. Lots of Others. Other posts include everything she finds amusing. Lifts weights.



When people ask you to come down from your room and socialize.


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literally what the fuck is pitbull even talking about

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Kid gets a banana as a prank gift from his parents on his birthday. Look at his excitement. This kid is my hero. »

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Allison and Malia sharing clothes.

#chris not knowing what to do with allisons clothes so he packs them all in a box and gives them to lydia #and once stiles finds out malia doesn’t really have anything that fits her lydia helps her out by giving her some of allisons things because its what allison would have done #but when she comes across a pair of knee high boots she just cant seem to part with them #so lydia gives malia a few things but keeps the boots #and lydia wears them whenever she needs to feel strong #and whenever she sees malia in allisons clothes a smile comes across her face #because its like a part of her is still there #and for a moment just for one split second allison isn’t gone #and when she finally comes back to reality she remembers allison would have been the best person to help malia adjust to this new life (via scottsally)

#this headcanon is like so ridiculously important to me??#malia doesn’t have clothes#all her old clothes are moulded for a nine year olds body so obviously her long legs won’t fit into them now#the only clothes in her house close to fitting her are that of her mother#and god knows she can’t wear them#they still smell of the perfume she wore every day and that scent paralyzes malia with guilt#and she has no patience for shopping#walking around in a crowded place?#picking out overly priced materials?#why? thinks malia#she’d rather walk around naked it’s not like she cares#they didn’t have clothing or a gap store in the woods#so lydia carefully pulls out the box of allison’s clothes she inherited from her best friend#and gives it to malia because she knows allison would have wanted to help#and she doesn’t tell malia where it comes from#just to take care of them#which she doesn’t understand because they’re just pieces of material who cares if they get ripped when she runs#but they smell different#and the next time scott sees her in one of the jackets he freezes#and she knows#no one tells her but she KNOWS it’s from allison#and this wild coyote girl who doesn’t understand soceity’s rules#nearly has a panic attack when she gets a food stain on allison’s green shorts (via maliastate)

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I’m so happy this picture exists

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i wish that there were more hours in a day and boys were nice and bread didnt make you fat


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